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Wood has long been an option for building materials and home furnishings. One type of wood that is often considered prima donna is teak. In fact, this material is also considered as a kitchen set material! design of kitchen set has a different look with conventional kitchen set. Not only in terms of visual, and the atmosphere brought, the character and treatment of teak kitchen set are also different.

For those of you who want to try to realize teak kitchen set for your dream kitchen, see all the information about kitchen set teak wood following!

Knowing the Kitchen Characteristics of Teak Wood Set

Although both natural materials, teak wood has a different character from wood in general. Kitchen set of teak wood has the following character:

    High oil content

Teak naturally has a higher oil content than wood in general. This makes it immune to the attack of termites or other insects. Jamurpun also cannot eat the teak because of this oil content.


In addition, teak is famous for its high density. One of the weaknesses of natural materials is its porous nature, so the density of teak kitchen set makes it superior. It also makes teak wood resistant to acid and base substances so it is not easy to leave stains.

Teak set

    Weight and have low depreciation rate

Because of this density, it is natural that teak has a fairly high period (700-930 kg / m³) so that teak is very heavy. In addition, the expansion rate of shrinkage from teak is also very minimal.


At the heart of the tree, teak wood has a golden color. Lighter colors, the younger the wood age; for example beige to brownish white. Some types of teak wood have a reddish color since broken down but will become light brown after drying process.

Quality Teak Wood

After deciding to realize your teak wood kitchen set, make sure you use teak wood with the best quality or in accordance with your needs. There are also many types of teak, but they all have the same class or quality classification. There are three grades of teak quality for the teak wood kitchen set.

    Kitchen Set Teak Grade A

   Grade A in kitchen set of teak made from middle or heart tree from the teak tree which has minimum age 40 years. Kitchen set of teak wood this one is the best. You can see it from a tight, straight and harmonious pattern of wood fiber with uniform color. You can also feel a bit slick on the wood surface because of its oil content.

    Teak that has grade A is only about 25% of the total wooden sticks that make grade A become very expensive and rare.

    Wood Set Teak Wood Grade B

    The outer part of this teak tree is able to produce B-grade teak that is 25% – 30% of the whole tree. Teak color is slightly lighter with more irregular fibers. The surface is also not too shiny because the oil content is different from teak grade teak set A. However, teak wood is still good enough for a teak kitchen set.

    Kitchen Set Teak Grade C

    The lowest quality teak wood comes from the outermost part of the teak tree trunk, especially in the unproductive teak tree. Having a much brighter color, teak grade C wood has lower durability because the oil content is minimal. Typically, a teak grade is also filled with scratches and wood streaks. Although cheap and more easily obtained, teak grade C is not in accordance with the raw materials of teak wood kitchen set.